K&F Concept 95mm Nano-X 1/4 Black Mist Filter


Create a dreamy effect in your images with this 95mm Nano-X Black Mist Filter 1/4 from K&F Concept. The black mist design has a 1/4 strength that will help soften skin in portraits and create halo effects around lights. It also has a high transmittance with a minimal impact on your exposure.

The filter is constructed out of durable aluminum and has a slim design to avoid interference with wide-angle lenses. It has a multi-coating that ensure clarity while also providing resistance to scratches. Additionally, it has knurling on the side for easier removal and attachment.


  • Softens Image and Lowers Contrast
  • Creates Dreamy Effect
  • High Transmittance
  • Multi-Coated
Filter Type Black Frost (Grade 1/4)
Filter Factor 1.15x (0.2-Stop)
Circular Size 95mm Filter Thread
Front Accessory Thread / Bayonet 95mm
Coatings Multi-Coating
Physical Features Slim
Filter Thickness 0.1" / 3.3 mm
Filter Material Glass
Ring Material Aluminum
Knurling Side