Zhiyun Smooth-X2 Combo Smartphone Gimbal Black


Shine In Every Way
Meet the stylish and powerful SMOOTH-X2. Using a gimbal becomes way more easier with the brand new two-way rotation design. Have fun with multiple smart features and artistic flashing lights to light up the color of your life.
Light. Versatile. Powerful.
An integration of an extendable selfie stick, a rotatable tripod and a double-side fill light! SMOOTH-X2 meets your every imagination on a versatile Vlogging setup.

Weighs only 300g with magnetic steel motors of higher torque. Light but still strong in compatibility. No balancing is needed for large phones and takes just one step to start using. A combination of SMOOTH-X2 and your smartphone offers a minimum yet refined Vlogging experience like never before.
More Than Just a Gimbal.
The unique reversible latch  allows the gimbal to be locked and turning into a solid tripod within a split of second. Shoot at any angle in selfies by extending the axis. Start livestreaming at any time, any where.
Shine Everywhere.
SMOOTH-X2 gives you the most comfort gripping experience with all-new materials. Highly intensive PC with unique painting technique featuring exquisite polishing, sandblasting, and gradient painting. The flashing lights inside the body ooze a sense of unique art of illumination, offering a brand new way to display the battery level by shining lights.
Rotate, Pull, Shoot

Two-way Rotation
Just one step from packing to shooting, thanks to the innovative 360° rotatable design of the axis.

Shooting and carrying SMOOTH-X2 with you have never been easier.
Magnetic Fill Light
Lighter but stronger phone clamp with a foldable design, which comes with magnetic contact points for attaching fill lights. Four brightness levels available with various color filters at your choice to provide different lighting in different situations, no matter the gimbal is powered on or in standby. You can always use it for your diverse style of shooting.
Searching for better settings, music and filters? Use Smart Mode to generate your own masterpieces with all your video clips. Get creative for the shooting with just few taps using the in-app amazing templates.
One Step for Multiple Clips
Multiple video templates with special effects for your selection. Generate the video and share on other platforms with easy steps.
Smarter Follow
Use SmartFollow to secure the spotlight on the filming people, animals and objects at any time.
Just One Gesture to Start
Shooting has never been easier when you're by yourself or with friends. Show one gesture and let the smartphone do the job.
Cinematic Dolly Zoom
Get cinematic and shoot like a pro with built-in dolly zoom in ZY Cami.
Pano / MagicClone Pano
Get the whole scene in your frame.

Enjoy the MagicClone Pano by striking several poses and arranging them in one picture to show how stunning you are.
Turning a whole day of footage into a few moments in your phone
Slow Motion
Use ZY Cami for high-resolution slow motion shooting with smartphone.
ZY Cami Video Editor
Copy, reverse, and add filters, stickers, subtitles and background music. Make it your own style.
Live Stream Master
Achieve face-tracking in native phone cameras, glamour effect apps, short-video apps and live streaming apps. Enjoy smarter and more convenient live streaming with Live Stream Master.
Chosen Accessory
Dedicated stylish cross-body bag with sufficient storage room for your gimbal and precious accessories.


  • Smarter Follow
  • Two-way Rotation
  • Extendable selfie stick
  • Live streaming
  • Magnetic Fill Light 
Tech Specs.
Item Min. Standard Max.
Operation Voltage 3.4V 3.7V 4.2V
Operation Current 240mA 5000mA
Charging Voltage 4.7V 5V 5.5V
Charging Current 700mA 900mA
Output Voltage 
Output Current    
Following Deviation in Static State ±0.01° ±0.04°
Following Deviation in Motion State ±0.05° ±0.1° ±0.3°
Tilt Mechanical Range
Roll Mechanical Range 268°
Pan Mechanical Range 290°
Controllable Tilt Angle
Controllable Roll Angle -80° 180°
Controllable Pan Angle -145° +145°
Operation Temperature -10℃ 25℃ 45℃
Charging Temperature 0℃ 25℃ 45℃
Battery Capacity 1300mAh
Runtime 1.5h 3.5h
Charging Time 2h
Valid Payload 200±35g
Mounting Clamp Supporting Range 50mm 90mm
Mobile Phone Thickness 7.5mm 9.5mm
Extensive Rod 0 265mm
Bluetooth Bluetooth 4.2
EIRP ≤ 3 dbm
Operation Frequency 2.402GHz~2.480GHz
Compatible Models Mobile phones that their width is within the holder's capable width
Packing Specifications: COMBO  
Item Dim./Weight (mm) Remark  
Product Dimension (Folded) 71*56*160 W*D*H  
Protective Bag Size 250*160*90    
Packing List: COMBO    
SMOOTH-X2 1    
USB Type-C Charging Cable 1    
Quick Start Guide 1    
Tripod 1    
SM116 Storage Pouch 1    
SM116 Fill Light 1    
SM116 Protective Bag 1    
Membership Card 1